Why Outsource

SCS offers alternative investment managers and technology companies significant marketing expertise, a global network of investors and distribution partners and a demonstrable track record in successfully raising assets.

SCS reviews your existing marketing and reporting materials then works with you to enhance materials’ appearance and content where appropriate and refine your marketing pitch.

SCS looks after the initial screening of investors, dissemination of information, road show coordination and follow up.

SCS provides you with regular feedback which can often be useful in refining marketing and reporting efforts.

SCS helps you develop standardised due diligence questionnaires where appropriate to ensure the vast majority of questions typically asked by investors are addressed. This is used to supplement marketing efforts and help shorten the sales cycle.

SCS continues to follow up with investors on a regular basis following their investment to ensure investors are happy with performance and reporting and to seek further allocations or investor referrals from those investors over time.

SCS aligns its interests with managers/tech companies and investors by being rewarded on our success in raising capital from investors and retaining those investors.

For alternative investment managers or technology companies the result is substantial growth in capital achieved through a more efficient use of your time and you get to focus on what you do best - profitably manage your business.